Campsite map over Skive Fjord Camping

Here, you'll find a campsite map over Skive Fjord Camping. The map gives you an overview of the facilities (sanitary buildings with baths, toilets, kitchens, familiy bathrooms etc.), playgrounds, swimming pool, as well as our different pitch types and pitch numbers, as well as the situation of the cabins on the campsite. In front of each road (marked with white), there's a wide rose hedge and a drop in the terrain to the next terrace below. There are stairs between most of the terraces, making it easy for you to access the nearest sanitary building, playground, or your friends traveling along with you.

Click the image to view the campsite map in large form.

About Skive Fjord Camping

Skive Fjord Camping is situated right next to, and with stunning view over, the Limfjord in the center of Jutland in Denmark. The city of Skive, and therefore the campsite as well, is right in the "border" between Central Jutland, North Jutland, and Western Jutland. This makes Skive Fjord Camping the perfect base for exploring Jutland/Denmark, as you are just: 
- 2,5 hours drive from the border between Germany and Denmark
- 2,5 hours drive from Skagen (the top of Jutland/Denmark)
- 1 hours drive from the North Sea
- 1,5 hours drive from Aarhus (the 2nd largest city in Denmark)

Skive Fjord Camping is situated in the middle of the beautiful Limfjord-nature with forrest and hilly fields, but also just 4 km from the center of Skive with pedestrian street with lots of shopping opportunities, restaurants and cafées, museum, theater, cinemas, and a large, indoor tropical swimming pool with water slides, hot water pool, jacuzzi, 50 meter pool etc. 

Skive Fjord Camping is one of the only (if not the only!) campsites in Denmark that is completely laid out in terraces.  This means, first and foremost, that almost everyone and every pitch has some kind of view by us - a view over the surrounding fields, the Limfjord, the forrest, or over the campsite. 
It also means that you don't have to camp in a boring "cul de sac" with neighbors on both sides, in front and behind you, and with no other view that other caravans/motor homes. Here, you'll get plenty of air and space - and max a neighbor on each side. 
Lastly, the unique terrace layout also quiets the sound, so, eventhough the campsite appear open and airy, it's a nice and relatively quiet place to enjoy your holiday. Even when the campsite is full with lots of happy holiday guests of all ages and playmates for your kids/grand children, you can still enjoy the bird song and your calm morning coffee.

If we can give you our completely biased opinion, then Skive Fjord Camping is probably one of the most unique, beautiful, and amazing campsites in Denmark. We, ourselves, moved from the other end of Denmark, simply because this campsite is so amazing. We knew as soon as we saw the pictures, and had actually decided to buy it before we even saw it in real life. It is a truly magical place, and we haven't regretted that decision for one second since; so we think that you'll be pretty happy staying here for your holiday, too. 🌞

We're looking forward to having you and hosting your holiday in Denmark! 

Please note: included in all prices is free WIFI, free (hot) showers, free usage of the kitchens, free access to the solar-heated swimming pool, free participation in almost all activities on the campsite, etc. 
Marienlyst Strand 15, DK-7800 Skive
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