Camping holiday with swimming pool in Denmark? Of course! At Skive Fjord Camping, you'll find a lovely solar panel-heated pool with lots of sunbeds for the whole family🌞

Remember to pack your swimsuits when you're going camping for a holiday in Denmark! There's free access to our swimming pool that is heated by solar panels on the campsite, so you and your kids can swim all that you'd like during your holiday here! (And on days with sub-optimal weather for outside swimming, we have a great discount/deal for visiting the local indoor water park/swimming pool, just 10 minutes drive from the campsite)

Does your family love bathing? We LOVE the swimming pool, and so does your children (probably!). The pool has a shallow, safe kids' pool in the middle for the smallest/youngest to play around in, a small water slide, and two depths in the large bassin. Surrounding the pool is plenty of sunbeds (more than 50 sunbeds!) and parasols, so you can enjoy a nice book, while the kids play in the pool! The pool is nice and centrally situated on the campsite, and there's plenty of sun throughout the day. There's a fence around the pool area, as well as a tall ridge towards West, for added safety - and shelter from the wind! This means that there's usually plenty of sun and none to very little wind, so you can enjoy the summer in a bathing suit. 

The swimming pool is heated by solar collectors on the roof of the sanitary building next to the pool, which means that the pool water becomes nice and warm, when the sun is shining and the weather is nice. 
The pool usually opens around Pentecost and closes again in medio-ultimo August (both depends on the weather)

 In 2022, a new liner and edge on the pool was installed, so the pool is as brand new and ready for lots of bathing! The pool contains  156 000 L water, and has the absolute top-of-line cleaning system. Each hour 84 000 L of water is filtered and cleaned, and in addition to our manual, daily water control, the water quality is measured several times each minute by a highend computer unit - to ensure that the water is always perfect for swimming in.

During the summer holiday, we always have days with extra evening opening hours and light turned on in the water, for a lovely evening swim. It's a very special experience to swim in the darkness and feel how the water is usually warmer than the evening summer air. 

There's free access to the swimming pool when you stay at the campsite. 

Camping holiday with pool in Denmark

Ah, is there anything more relaxing than chilling by the pool with a nice book, a game of cards with the kids under the shade from a parasol, and enjoying the sun and the crystal clear, blue water? Hardly! When you book your holiday at Skive Fjord Camping in Jutland, Denmark - that can be you! Enjoy our solar panel-heated swimming pool from one of the many sunbeds as much as you'd like. There's free access to the pool area when you stay at the campsite in your caravan, motor home, camper, tent etc. or in one of our modern cabins. 
Marienlyst Strand 15, DK-7800 Skive
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